Friday, 27 April 2012

April at White Label

With the launch of our latest winter range in February, April has been a very busy month for us at the Teneriffe head quarters. Between all the furs and silks our blog has been a little neglected but never fear we have been keeping a collection of our favourite 'All things White Label' April pictures, to share!

Our latest and greatest cross, too fabulous.  
Are you loving the Signature on Hasting Street window as much as we are?
A heavenly Sourced Grocer lunch...  
Jess was luck we returned any of her stunning designs, Lambert necklaces now top of the wish list! 
The in house 'shoe a holic' at yesterdays photo shoot. 
Carrying ironing boards through the streets of New Farm... all in the name of fashion.
Packing only to discover she had missed the plane!  
Thank goodness for last minute flights!
Perhaps our favourite fur? Its too hard to pick just one. 
Happy happy weekend! To anyone having a dinner party like this we are very jealous! 

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